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Birdy I grew up in Southern California and been in the music scene for over 20 years. I'm a fan of music, a graphic, and multimedia artist and a promoter. I'm the executive producer and director of the video "Hells Around the Next Corner" by Battalion of Saints, to be released next month. I work with 2-Cats Productions. I occasionally promote shows in L.A., and also promoted shows in Miami, Florida and put on events. I worked for tabloids such as the Hermosa Beach Reporter, and Palos Verdes Peninsula News, and Newport Beach and Beverly Hills Tabloids. I'm a registered Nurse and a mom. I'm in love with a man named George Anthony.

I love Stench Radio; it is the epitome of DIY. It is the punk and underground music communities' voice. It's an extended family and a meeting place for creative voices. Inside of me is a groupie, an artist, a fanatic, a weirdo, a punk, a person looking for a connection with her kind, behind a keyboard and a monitor, and Stench Radio and Stig make that possible.

Viva Stench radio!! We must support it and keep it alive!

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